In conceiving of this brand I spent countless days walking up and down a mountain.

Within these walks I witnessed nature in a startling way..

The aliveness springing forth from that jungle..

All balancing harmoniously amongst ravines and fearlessly in tree tops beyond cliff edges.

This is where Zifa comes from – the spontaneity of life. The fire within us.

Lovers kissing. A little one’s laughter. Animals tumbling and running and playing so spontaneously, without thought – just flow. Wherever we find that spark. It’s all around us. It’s in us. It is us. This jewellery is intended to remind us.

What people get from a shot of espresso .. I want to give that through jewellery.

An element of surprise. A bolt of energy. A jolt into feeling so alive. Inspired. Well. Whole.

The Vesica Piscis appears throughout history and in our world today.

It is sometimes known as ‘The Womb of the Universe’ and symbolises among many things the beginning of consciousness and the place from where all life springs.