The Vesica Piscis appears throughout history and in our world today. It is an ancient symbol with a very simple message.

From pure consciousness comes all life.

Some say the maps of the veins of gold in the earth relate to our veins in our physical selves.

Some say our blood is what carries our joy.

How precious is this thing called gold?

How precious is our blood which carries our life force through our body for all that we need?

What is this force that moves us? Does it matter at all? Is it our embrace of it that matters?

The joy, the inspiration of something wonderful.. that often comes to us in a split second.

There’s an element of surprise to life. How much do we allow the experience of this? The world is alive with energy, with love, with possibilities.

Some say if we wear these beautiful geometries on our body they will help facilitate a well-being. A balance between mind, body and spirit. Some say these geometries will heal us, inspire us, bring light to our lives.

Some say.. some say..

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