Our Ethos

Zifa & Co. embraces principles of sacred geometry, which are believed to help bring balance between mind, body and spirit.

Let these beautiful geometries heal you, inspire you, create flow in your life and allow your light to shine bright.

Zifa & Co. will help bring you back home and remind you that you can be all that you dream of.

The Zifa Woman

The Zifa woman has fierce inner strength and she knows what she wants. She is a multi-faceted woman of substance, who loves deeply and lives abundantly.

She appreciates the finer things in life and loves to adorn herself with jewellery that holds deep meaning and intention and reminds her of life’s synchronicities.

The Zifa Ethos

Zifa comes from the Chinese phrase ‘zìfā xìng’, meaning spontaneity.

Our logo, the Vesica Piscis symbol, is one of the most profound geometrical images of ancient and modern times. The sacred geometry signifies the womb of the universe and represents the space from where all life springs.

The Vesica Piscis also signifies our infinite source of power and energy and this is infused in each and every Zifa & Co. piece.

Our Design & Craftsmanship

Zifa & Co.’s designs are classic and timeless with a contemporary twist that gives a definite modern edge.

We literally scour the globe for the highest quality and most beautiful materials available.

We’ve ventured to Italy to source hand crafted tassels and the finest hand spun silk, followed by trips to the Orient to acquire first-rate diamond cut, gold chains from Japan.

Finally, these exemplary materials come together in our Hong Kong studio, our Signature Gold Collection is brought to life, then lovingly delivered to our customers worldwide.

Zifa & Co. crafts sophisticated and deeply mindful jewellery for the modern woman of style, strength and substance.

Do you crave the spontaneity of life? Do you yearn for your spirit to come alive?

Do you wish for balance and harmony and to experience pure joy throughout each day?

Do you desire to feel supported and in alignment with your true life’s path?

Zifa & Co. crafts unique and exclusive jewellery with these significant questions in mind.

Our Vision

Who We Are

Creators of fine jewellery with an old-world depth and contemporary ideas. We deliver classic style and ease of wearability, with a timelessness which is irresistible.

What We Want

To bring beauty, joy and energy to the lives of lovers, family and friends. Providing a touch of inspiration and an element of surprise.

What We Can Give

Sophisticated, elegant jewellery of the highest quality and unique design. Something to treasure now and for years to come. Commitment, care and dedicated service to our valued customer.

Our Values

Bring beauty. Believe in joy. Create balance. Give the best. Inspire and be inspired.


Our Offer

Our promise here at Zifa & Co. is to consistently deliver beautiful, quality jewellery and accessories, at the best price along with impeccable customer service and care.

We deliver absolute luxury with an affordable price tag.

Founder & Creative Director

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Kim is a passionate spirit who sees love and beauty in absolutely everything.

Kim lived abroad for many years, and it was after moving to Hong Kong in 2013 that she took the time to discover her true passion.

After deep contemplation and reflection on the question “What do I love?” she realised she has always had a profound affinity with the natural elements of the earth and the cyclical nature of life.

Kim’s multi-faceted background including complimentary therapies, fashion, yoga, meditation and her interest in sacred geometry and creative flow has all influenced her vision for Zifa & Co.

Kim literally finds inspiration everywhere she looks and specifically draws from the wonder of nature. A passionate advocate of meditation, Kim utilises this practice to allow her jewellery designs to flow forth.

Kim feels there’s more than her own creativity at play and knows that by turning inward and connecting with her self and spirit, magic can be found.

As a Designer, Creative and believer in the Divine Feminine, Kim knows there is something simple yet powerful about adorning your body with silver or gold and other pure materials.

Wearing a Zifa & Co. piece will help to balance mind, body and spirit and to bask in the joy of life.

This is just a part of the story Zifa tells.

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